Chocolate Wars

 A FIVE-PART Serial Novel By Joseph Hagen

May the Fudge be with you!

Champions of all oppressed by the powerful and evil Emperor Sakarin and the dreaded Diet Vanilla of the Imperial Knights, the Chedi are the ultimate warriors of the Milky Way galaxy, their prowess achieved through intense training and consumption of the powerful, sweet, chocolate-rich Fudge. For years, the two sides have battled, the Chedi enjoying many hard-fought victories. But the Empire, despite those losses, has brushed away those victories and continued to grow large and powerful.

Now, led by M and M, the wise masters of the Chedi Order, these valiant fighters of the planet Choctooine strike forth from the Wonkka system alongside the Hersheyans, the Mavrakosians, and other sworn enemies of the Empire, struggling for a great cause.

A cause for which both sides risk everything.

A cause which would be dear to us as well.

Their mission: to win freedom—and chocolate—for all…


Episode I: Sweet Destiny


Episode II: The Fudge Thickens


Episode III: Bitter Sweets


Episode IV: Just Desserts


Episode V: Sweet Dreams