An analog agent for the digital world. 

In the twenty-first century there are darker things in the digital realm than the dark web. Enter Henry Bride™, agent of the Department of Homeland Security. Bride is an old-school agent who deals twenty-first century cyber-master-criminals with his own style of old-fashioned brute force and gumption.

Book 1

Book 1

Book 2 – Coming August 27, 2019

Book 2 – Coming August 27, 2019

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The Novels


Zero In, Zero Out

Henry Bride™ thriller #2

 “The NSA has lost another one.”

Dia Reynolds has been a hacker for the NSA since she was 19. Now she wants out. But when her run for the border falls short and her “insurance” turns against her, it’s up to agent Henry Bride™ to keep her alive. Withan assortment of assassins vying for Bitcoin placed on the hacker’s head, the only hope is to embark on a cross-country trip to deactivate the death-trap Dia has found herself in. Mightier than the Sword’s Henry Bride returns in an action-packed new techno-thriller that questions who we trust and who we distrust. 



Mightier than the Sword

Henry Bride™ Thriller #1

When his old friend and former fencing instructor dies suspiciously, Agent Henry Bride™ uncovers a string of deaths connected only by a piece of software. Clue after clue puts Bride closer to an intricate network of death that includes a major assassination as only its first step. With the clock running out, Bride is faced with a villain no one has heard of, a killer who isn’t exactly human, and a plot that will require every ounce of his strength and cunning to survive, as Agent Bride must prove there is nothing mightier than the sword.

Mightier Than The Sword is a spy thriller in the vein of Ian Fleming’s original James Bond stories and James Buchan’s The Thirty-Nine Steps—the first adventure in the Henry Bride Thrillers™ series, featuring agent Henry Bride of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


The Author

Growing up in St. Louis, Evan Willnow’s interest in thriller fiction formed as a young adult after reading a sizable stack of Ian Fleming novels during an otherwise boring week of jury duty. For the past twenty years he has worked in advertising as an award-winning Photoshop artist, but his career has ranged to include bicycle mechanic, computer programmer, roadie, and cartoonist. He was a member of St. Louis Fencers Club until his knee would have no more. His first novel, Mightier than the Sword is an action thriller of the digital age that launched The Henry Bride™ Thrillers.