by Mary Shelley


Fusing his scientific studies with the arcane, medical student Victor Frankenstein pursues the secrets of preserving life and reversing death. His passion and determination blind him as he stitches together parts from corpses to construct a subject to restore—until the dark night it opens its eyes and begins to breathe, and Victor sees for the first time what he has created:

A monster.

In 1818, Mary Shelley created a masterpiece of horror. Widely considered the first work of science fiction ever written, even through two centuries the novel has never lost its power to challenge and chill readers with its dark, nightmarish vision and its musings on science, intellect, hubris, and what defines the line between man and monster. This Legendary Planet edition features Theodor Von Holst’s illustrations from the 1831 printing, as well as a detailed comparison between the text of the original 1818 release and the author’s revisions found in the 1831 release, which have been used in most subsequent reissues.