4 Avery Plays

by Patrick Dorsey

4 Avery Plays Cover.jpg

Community Theater Fun for the Whole Family!

A tradition for over half a century at Avery Elementary School in Webster Groves, Missouri, the Avery Play is an annual spring production put on by parents for the community. Featuring an original story, song-and-dance musical numbers, and laughs for the schoolchildren and their families, the plays are easy to produce and suitable for any community group to put on, no matter how experienced or amateur the production—all you need is a space to perform and performers who want to give their audience a full evening of entertainment! With context and insights for each show, 4 Avery Plays features full scripts for four plays that were successfully staged by the Avery Elementary PTO, including:

  • Lost at Avery (2008)
  • Steve & Terri’s Excellent Avery Play Adventure (2009)
  • Whatever (2010)
  • Shenanigans! (2012)

Here are the stories...Just add cast and crew, and get ready for laughs and applause as your group gets to become part of the history, the tradition, and the fun of the Avery Play!