John Carter: The Mars Trilogy – Book 1

A Princess of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs


The valiant and downright superhuman hero who pits his powers to protecting his world from menacing evil, like Luke Skywalker, Flash Gordon, and even Superman? That began with Burroughs’ Martian champion—John Carter.

Mysteriously flung across the void to the distant planet Mars, Captain John Carter of Virginia finds himself a captive of giant, four-armed green savages. But when he meets fellow prisoner Dejah Thoris, the beautiful alien princess of the City of Helium, he realizes the only way to protect her from the cruel green barbarians is to escape. With sword and superhuman strength born of the lesser gravity of Mars, John Carter sets out to cross the exotic and dangerous alien world and return her home, with the fate of two kingdoms and the future of the entire planet at stake!

The Legendary Planet edition of A Princess of Mars features full-color digital restorations of the original Frank Schoonover cover and interior plate paintings from the first edition of the Edgar Rice Burroughs classic.