God’s Forge

by Patrick Dorsey


Set in the aftermath of the Crusades, God’s Forge is the adventure of the fierce Knights Templar as they battle to prevent the destruction of their order.

A legion of elite, monastic fighting men, the Knights Templar were the most fearsome warriors of the Crusades, writing their legend in the gory sands of the Middle East with the blood of their enemies and their own. It was they who took the Holy Land, and they who held it. Answering only to the Pope, they bowed before no king or crown.

Returned from the Crusades and stationed in Paris, Brother William has grown disillusioned with the Order and plans to leave it. But as their Paris stronghold is seized by royal troops, William leads a small band of Templars in a desperate escape, fleeing with them into the night.

Alternately fighting and running, struggling to understand the world that has turned on them so viciously, they cross paths with a brutalized young prostitute. Open and proud about her sins, she ushers William and his comrades toward dark truths about the city festering around them, about its rulers and the church they’ve sworn to defend—all in a race to escape that will leave the streets of Paris bloody and end the pursuit of these soldiers of God.


Haunted Webster Groves

Legends and Firsthand Accounts of Ghosts in Webster Groves, Missouri

By Patrick Dorsey

Patrick Dorsey’s chilling book on the hauntings, ghostlore, and legends of Webster Groves takes readers along on a trip back in time to uncover the eerie side of the St. Louis suburb. With the first book that really delves into the haunted history of the town, the author reveals unusual, spooky, and little-known stories that will keep you reading late into the night—with all the lights on, of course!
— Troy Taylor

Webster Groves – a great place to live, work, and play… even for the departed… We’ve all been unsettled by chilling stories of hauntings and the unquiet dead, those spirits who refuse to rest and instead remain to take part in the lives of the living. We’ve read the tales, seen the movies, and occasionally we lean close to hear of someone’s personal experience with a ghost. Especially when that someone lives next door. Discover eerie legends and uncanny firsthand accounts of the ghostly and supernatural in a neighborhood perhaps just like yours, where residents of a quiet bedroom community come home nightly to unseen footsteps; resign themselves to objects mysteriously moving, disappearing, and reappearing; live with lurking, spectral figures; and otherwise share their homes with the ghostly and supernatural. Webster Groves, Missouri is one of the early suburbs of St. Louis, a place with a history that extends back to Colonial times and reaches across the Civil War right through to today. Some who lived that history have evidently remained…

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